About Us



True Confidence in the face of adversity is only possible if a competitor is at PEACE with their process of preparation, and able to exhale and execute at 100% both mentally and physically.


55 Sharp Street
Hingham, MA, 02043


7am – 8pm Weekdays
9am – 3pm Weekends

At Boothby Sports Performance we believe success is a byproduct of preparation. True confidence is only authentic if consistent work ethic is the foundation of skill. Skill without effort will never consistently suffice mentally or physically despite even possessing the greatest potential, because doubt will always live in the back of the mind, and doubt will slow down the mind and the body.


Our Education Model outlines expectations, builds physical “homework”, and measures outcomes to drive motivation towards the process of growth!

Efficient Efforts – Athletes need to perform at their fastest pace possible, and they cannot do that when they are fatigued.  We implement scientific practices to maximize energy systems and drive development.


Powerful Efforts – Power is created through synergy in athletics and life. If we can maximize coordinated movement then we can recruit more muscle to generate more force faster. Synergy supports efficiency.


Balanced Efforts – Athletes (ALL PEOPLE) need confidence in “the moment” in order to perform optimally, mentally, and physically. This decreases risk of injury and improves execution during high pressure moments.