Our Staff

Thomas Boothby

Director of Sports Performance, Owner and Co-founder, Boothby Performance

Thomas is the heart and soul of our staff and serves as the head Educator on staff. Thomas has coached athlete of all ages including a state championship youth football program (8 future college student athletes), high school lacrosse, as well as college lacrosse. Thomas is able to motivate athletes through education by connecting the benefit to the effort. He helps the athletes see how the exercise (or any effort and discipline) will directly benefit performance. It always comes down to intrinsically motivating the athletes


Dan Boothby

Director of Sports Performance, Northeastern University and Co-founder of Boothby Performance

Dan oversees training methodologies at Boothby Performance and consults with individual athletes during recruiting stages, injuries, performance goals, nutritional and mental aspects of development plan to maximize outcomes—success is simple; if you work hard and live disciplined then you will get outcomes—its science. Dan oversees Strength and Conditioning and Sports Medicine at Northeastern. Dan also serves on the Colonial Athletic Association's sports medicine committee, as well as consults with Nascar Pit crews, Tactical training programs, and general wellness initiatives.


Dr. Allison Boothby

Dr. Boothby is a physical therapist who is available to see any of our athletes (or athlete's parents) who are suffering from lingering issues. Dr. Boothby is by far the toughest Boothby to work with, so please take care of yourself daily so you don't end up on her table. Allison currently works at ATI physical Therapy in Norwell and previously worked for MGH physical therapy department.

Matt McCue

Matt Currently is the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Northeastern Men’s Ice Hockey Team. Matt is beginning his 3rd season on staff at Northeastern. Prior to Northeastern Matt was an assistant strength coach at Boston University. Boothby Performance is excited to have a coach of Matt’s caliber join our staff. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and is a terrific role model and motivator for our athletes.