Introductory Consultation

The Introductory Consultation is designed for new athletes and clients as a mandatory evaluation session before signing up for programs and packages. This allows us to get know you as an athlete and a person, to help familiarize you with our space, and to appropriately develop your program.

This initial session includes a series of assessments designed to evaluate your “training age”, global body mechanics, and discuss your personal goals. Areas of strength and concern are brought together for risk assessment of injury prevention and key focuses to improve performance and create a customized program suited for each athlete.


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Introductory Consultation

*Key areas of evaluation guided by research of McGill 2010, Leetun 2004, Tyler 2001/2002, Kollach 2008, Ciehanowski Synder 2007,
regarding importance of range of motion, flexbility, core endurance, and abduction/adduction ratios in relation to sport performance.