Introductory Consultation

The Introductory Consultation is design for new athletes and clients as a mandatory evaluation session before signing up for programs and packages.  We will proctor the evaluation which will include a series of manual muscle tests to help improve movement mechanics. What we will be looking to do is increase range of motion and joint centration to optimize power output.  Athletes will be evaluated on the following: Flexibility, Range of motion, Core endurance – (based on research by McGill 2010), and Abduction/Adduction (based on research by Leetun 2004, Tyler 2001,2002, Kolloch 2008, Ciehanowski, Snyder 2007).  Athletes will also be given an analysis of risk assessment, areas of concern, as well as strength areas.  While this does not assure your athlete from all risks, it will allow us the most information to customize his/her training program to yield the best results.  Click Here to Schedule your Introductory Consultation.